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Manufacturing Armoured Ambulance

The MSPV Armour ambulance is fitted with a full field ambulance suite, which includes one stretchers and seating for two combat medics and two sitting patients. Comprehensive on-board emergency medical equipment includes full emergency first aid equipment and supplies, a ventilator/resuscitator, oxygen supply, IV tracks and secure storage for all medical items.

  MSPV armored ambulance is custom-designed to transport emergency medical teams in and out of dangerous areas, safely and securely. Based on the reliable, the ambulance is fully equipped with medical essentials for first aid and evacuation procedures in the field. It is easily maneuverable in off-road conditions, and its armoring provides maximum safety and protection to personnel.Equipped with a standard ambulance package, or can be customized by Strait to meet your specific medical requirements.

The ambulance is ideally suited for so-called hot extraction of patients in mine-threatened and other hostile environme…

Armoured Mercedes Benz Actros Truck

The MSPV Armoured Mercedes-Benz Actros is available in protection levels B4+ (AK47 standard ammunition, VPAM APR2006 level 6) & B6 (Assault rifles with ball ammunition, CEN1522 and 1063 level 6 – VPAM APR2006 levels 7).

Armoured Mercedes-Benz Trucks is a trustworthy partner at your side. With “Trucks you can trust”, we stand for premium quality and reliability.It is normally used for long-distance haulage, heavy duty distribution haulage and construction haulage. The Mercedes Actros is one of the most desired trucks on the export market, as they perform very well in high temperature and humid condition.

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Armoured Toyota Hilux Vigo

MSPV Armoured Toyota Hilux Vigo is a Vehicle known for its durability and dependability. The compact yet powerful nature of the Toyota Vigo makes it an ideal platform for an armored security vehicle. With the largest service network of any manufacturer, the Toyota Vigo is an exceptional choice for those operations in remote areas that are in need of a low profile appearance.

The Toyota Vigo is one of the most prolific 4x4 pickup trucks in the past decades, appearing in conflicts all over the world.  The MSPV Armoured Toyota Hilux Vigo transforms the truck to provide military clients and private security companies with a high level of security while maintaining a discrete profile in regions such as the Asian, African & European countries.

The Armoured Toyota Hilux Vigo is a common vehicle used by businesses and governments worldwide. Many clients love this bulletproof vehicle because it is discrete and dependable.The Armoured Toyota Hilux Vigo can come with diesel or gasolin…

Manufacturing Armoured Cars, Trucks, SUV's, CIT Vehicles

MSPV specialists in ‪high‬ ‪‎quality‬ ‪armoured‬ ‪vehicles‬. Our cars are the perfect choice for variety of customers including military & peacekeeping forces, police forces, border patrols, securities companies, NGO's, embassies and all organization & individuals living and working in hostile or high-risk environments.

Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles was established in Dubai bringing together a wealth of experience with all of the management and staff having several year's experience in designing and building armoured cars. Expertise & dedication have helped establish MSPV as a serious contender on the sensitive and competitive security market AND mspv is now renowned and appreciated by customers who already purchase more than 1000 vehicles armoured by MSPV's skilled production team.

MSPV has been growing steadily since its creation, the latest move to brand new facilities resulting in higher efficiency and better process control. The current monthly pro…

MSPV Annual Day 2015

Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV) celebrates annual day 2015. Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're our competitive advantage. Thanks for all support.

MSPV – Armored Bullet Proof Range Rover


MSPV - Armoured Mahindra Bolero


MSPV – Armoured Hyundai H1 Cash in Transit Vehicle


MSPV - Armoured Lexus LX570