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The MSPV Armoured Range Rover Sport is a outstanding midsize sport utility vehicle and is only made better with MSPV engineers innovative armouring. Range Rover is a full-size luxury SUV that combines performance and elegance for the ultimate driving experience. No car in the world can approach Range Rover's unique blend of pure British luxury, clean elegant lines and legendary capabilities. Attributes which we believe make The Armoured Range Rover  the most terrain capable and versatile discreetly armoured vehicle in the world.

Now Range Rover will add a fully-armoured to the range, designed to resist attack from machine gun or hand grenade while its four-wheel drive chassis and off-road ground clearance allows a quick getaway from attack or ambush. Unlike conventional armoured limousines, the Range Rover Security Vehicle can be driven across all terrains, including unforgiving urban obstacles like high kerbs or even steep steps. Its broad shouldered strength also allows it to be driven at and through obstacles such as gates or even walls.

Class and performance round out a few reasons why the MSPV armoured Range Rover  is a no-brainer decision for a bulletproof SUV. Range Rover Sport ranks number 2 out of 19 luxury midsized SUVs because of its exquisite interior, nimble handling, a comfortable ride and outstanding off-road capabilities. Integrating armouring solutions to the SUV, Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing delivers paramount security in a world-class package. With thick armour plating, gun ports and electronic jammers, our vehicle is designed for security- conscious celebrities who don’t want to stand out in city streets.

This is a highly sought after premier luxury vehicle, manufactured to the highest standards from British craftsman and design, coupled with the most advanced armour technology. The new high security Range Rover Vogue will be available to four levels of security, the first three offering protection from attack by hand-gun, assault rifle or high velocity rifle.

Added protection has been given to the vehicle's fuel tank and battery while the tyres all have run flat capability. A heavy duty jack and strengthened jacking points are also fitted. The ultimate version provides protection against armour piercing to European B6 plus standard, and is capable of withstanding attack from a NATO 7.62 ball round fired from 10 metres at a typical velocity of 830 metres per second. B6 plus standard, favoured by Heads of State and other diplomatic, political and religious 'targets', also protects against attack by weapons including the Kalashnikov AK47 rifle.

Armoured cars have become a must-have accessory for safety-conscious celebrities, some of whom have spent £200,000 on modifications to keep attackers at bay. 

MSPV makes it easy to find the Armoured Range Rover you're looking for, we feature Land Rover Armoured Range Rover for sale by dealerships around the world.To find out more information about Armoured products please contact us at +971 4 883 0444 or draft email on or visit



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