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MSPV sale wide range of armoured vehicles including various different cars, buses and trucks. In today’s highly volatile world, personal safety has become an utmost concern for many individuals and when traveling, nothing rivals the security of a true armoured vehicle. MSPV is the leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of armoured cars and custom bulletproof vehicles.

Our cars are the perfect choice for a variety of customers including military and peacekeeping forces, police forces, border patrols, security companies, NGO's, embassies, and all organizations and individuals living and working in hostile or high-risk environments. MSPV is your reliable and ultimate destination for all specialized vehicle needs. MSPV supplies armoured vehicles to fulfil the high security needs of ministries, embassies, security agencies, NGOs, defence, commercial sectors and all individuals living in hostile and riot hit geographies

We are the recognized route to market for non-military armoured vehicles for Manufacturers/Suppliers in almost all of the areas in which we operate and have continued to offer market leading quality and services to our customers.

MSPV is able to offer you a vehicle that exceeds your expectations. Our Armoured Vehicle Company offers a full line of reconditioned armoured vehicles that are affordable without compromising our standards of quality and safety. Talk to our experts about finding the perfect vehicle to fit your budget and armoured needs.

MSPV is a Highly Specialized supplier of armoured car within the field of Government and Diplomatic Personnel as well as High Profile Royalty and their Families. MSPV made up of very carefully selected models from within the prestige vehicle sector that meet our high standards. This allows us to offer our clients a wider choice and enables us to provide specialist security vehicles that blend in with your other vehicular requirements.

We are dedicated to helping you match your specific armoured requirements to your business, and strive to provide you with the best value for the money.

Buy armoured and bulletproof vehicles from MSPV at great prices with exceptional customer service. Our ability to keep our prices lower than our competitors, without compromising quality.
So, if you require a reliable and specialist service for an armoured vehicle, then Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles Pvt. Ltd is the correct choice for you. Call us today, on +971 4 883 0444, email us at or send us a message via the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website and see what we can do for you. Our friendly staffs are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have.


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