Armoured Personnel Carrier Manufacturers, Traders, Dealers, Supplier in India

In order to meet the requirements of a high mobility armored vehicle for Military, Police and High Profile client, MSPV has developed Armored Personnel Carrier. Armored Personnel Carrier is completely safe from attacks, long lasting, highly mobile and fully protected at all times. Our armoured personnel carriers operated today, based on protection and mobility.

MSPV will be designed as blast protected wheeled vehicle, assuring the full mobility in ‘explosive hazardous’ environments, also operating in route and area clearance operations. MSPV armoured personnel carrier offers more protection than ever, along with optimal off-road mobility, reliability and advanced systems integration at lower cost.

Many countries of Military, Police force & Border Security uses armoured personnel carrier to move over rough terrains withstand shootings and keep large crowds under control. Armoured personnel carriers offers soldiers unprecedented maneuverability and mobility over the toughest and roughest terrains.

Armouredpersonnel carriers fulfill highest demands concerning security, driving comfort and civilian appearance, what make to get a excellent vehicle for politicians, governments and private individuals.
Our options allow drivers and passengers to choose the level of security that best meets their needs. 

For more information, contact Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles on +971 4 883 0444.


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