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The armoured Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most popular options for SUV protection. MSPV armoured Toyota Land Cruiser includes full vehicle armouring with certified steel and designs to resist external ballistic threats from any angle. When you get an armoured Toyota from MSPV, you know it can stand up to the challenge because it has already been tested. We test more than just our armour plates, we test the entire vehicle with ballistic and blast tests. This vehicle passed comprehensive live fire testing.

Based on the new Toyota Land cruiser, this highly reliable 4WD armoured vehicle offers bulletproof and blast proof specifications with a reinforced body and an improved suspension. With excellent gas mileage and low risk of mechanical failure, the Land cruiser is the stable off-road vehicle used in mass quantities by the United Nations and many governments.

From the streets of New York to the sands of the Sahara, this vehicle blends into the landscape without being conspicuous, offering confidence and trust on tough rides, from high-speed freeway cruising to off-road in a jungle. The outer appearance of the vehicle does not give any hint of its bulletproof specifications.

MSPV prides itself on offering armoured vehicles which ensure the best possible defence against ballistic and blast threats. Depending on the threat level established and in consultation with the end user, a vehicle with an optimised level of protection is custom manufactured to suit the profile required.The reliability of this vehicle combined with a high tech armoring ensures your safety at any force action. Bullet and explosion proof capsule makes the Land Cruiser invulnerable to all kinds of small arms and ensures protection against sprinters during an explosion.

There’s a reason why the Toyota Land Cruiser is the armoured SUV of choice for government officials and private security personnel - it is legendary for transporting occupants safely through almost any terrain. One of the most durable and dependable vehicles on the planet, it also has an astonishing track record of saving lives in hostile territories worldwide. And, with the largest service network of any manufacturer, this SUV continues to be the go-to vehicle for those operating in remote locations. Armored Toyota Land Cruiser continues to be the preferred option for those operating in both urban and desert locations.

Due to it's outstanding reliability under the most demanding conditions, the Toyota Land Cruiser is ideal for your personal safety while on or off the road. It offers a very good balance of protection, reliability, comfort and value. The B6 armour protects you and your family or clients against the typical threats like gun fire and assault rifle fire up to 7,62mm x 51, that includes Kalashnikov, M16, HK G3, FN FAL, some sniper.  Furthermore it protects you against hand grenades, anti-personnel mines and, to a limited extends, against blast and shrapnel of road side bombs/IED's. We fully customize each vehicle for optimum security and with your specific security needs in mind.

If you're considering an armoured Land Cruiser, get in touch with our team to learn more about the cost and time that we can save you, without compromising your safety.

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