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Every country and region has a border that needs protection. The military uses MSPV Border Protection Vehicle to move over rough terrains, withstand shootings and keep large crowds under control. In very dangerous areas, regular cars and trucks are not entirely safe. Even at the border, no one knows what mishaps could happen. Understand how valuable the armoured border patrol vehicle is to these armed professionals.

MSPV armorer border patrol vehicle is completely safe from attacks, long lasting, highly mobile and fully protected at all times. MSPV border patrol vehicle is a rugged 2 door platform, designed for medium-range patrol and surveillance missions for 3 or 4 passengers respectively. Equipped with a standard traversing ring, weapon mounts and storage systems, it also has the ability to be equipped with armour.

MSPV is proud to be the first to bring you an entire vehicle made of Hot Formed Armour plates, allowing for better protection with a lighter weight.
The priority mission of the Border Patrol is preventing terrorists and terrorist’s weapons, including weapons of mass destruction. Today the Border Patrol Vehicle includes sedans, vans, sport utility vehicles. Their purpose was to secure the borders between inspection stations.

MSPV Toyota Land Cruiser comes in two forms- an overtly armoured military patrol vehicle for staff and infrastructure protection and peacekeeping; as well as a covert or discreetly armoured vehicle for diplomats, aid workers and other high-risk individuals.

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