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Are you looking for Bullet Resistant Vehicle? Bullet Proof Vehicles and Bullet Proof Cars are manufactured by Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles using high quality Bullet Proof Steel and Bullet Proof Glass. MSPV Bullet Resistant Vehicle fulfils highest demands concerning security, driving comfort and civilian appearance that make to get an excellent vehicle for politicians, governments and private individuals. MSPV Bullet Proof Vehicles offers more protection than ever, along with optimal off-road mobility, reliability and advanced systems integration at lower cost.

MSPV Manufacturing offers a wide range of Bullet Resistant Vehicle including various different cars, buses and trucks. MSPV specialists in Bullet Proof Vehicles for world leaders, high profile celebrities, businessmen and other clients. We have a wide range of vehicles that we Bullet Proof from BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover and Lexus etc. Utilizing the latest in lightweight armouring technology, your luxury vehicle will be able to withstand a level B4, B6, B6+ and B7 threat when protected with MSPV. Bullet Proof Vehicles which significantly increases your personal security. With the rise in urban crime and terrorist threat, you can experience real peace of mind from our low cost, high quality solution.

People who bear the greatest responsibilities should be able to rely on certified protection – without having to sacrifice the unique driving experience that only a MSPV Bullet Proof Vehicles can offer.
Contact us today at +971 4 883 0444 or draft mail on sales@mspv.com, for a quote on what we can offer you on bulletproof cars and conversions.


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