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We are specialist in the manufacture of Defence vehicles for armed forces. MSPV Light Combat Tactical Vehicles offers more protection than ever, along with optimal off-road mobility, reliability and advanced systems integration at lower cost. Light Combat Tactical Vehicles can operate in a wide range of missions, threat levels, and terrains.
Whether for command and control, troop transport, light cargo transport, MSPV light combat vehicles are best solution for all this. MSPV light combat vehicles offering proven protection, performance and unprecedented mobility. Over all types of terrain, in all types of weather, they offer the versatility, mobility, and survivability critical to mission success.
MSPV light combat vehicles offers soldiers unprecedented manoeuvrability and mobility over the toughest and roughest terrains. The crew protection system offers optimal protection and survivability, using materials that have been combat proven to save lives.
Future battlefields will bring an unpredictable combination of terrain, tactics and threats that require a light vehicle that is highly transportable.
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