Special Security Vehicle, Special Protection Vehicle

You looking for protection that only a well Armored vehicle can provide, you’re in luck, MSPV vehicle designed to meet even the most stringent standards of personal safety. MSPV Vehicle promises an unsurpassed level of protection against terrorist attacks and the threat of violent crime. These vehicles were designed from the outset to survive mine blasts and explosions and protection against small arms fire. MSPV will be designed as blast protected wheeled vehicle, assuring the full mobility in 'explosive hazardous' environments, also operating in route and area clearance operations.
People who bear the greatest responsibilities should be able to rely on certified protection – without having to sacrifice the unique driving experience that only a MSPV Special Security Vehicle can offer. MSPV has been setting new standards in the design and development of armoured. Every Security Vehicle is custom-built, and every stage of the process is carried out with a craftsman’s attention to detail. The result is a vehicle that meets the highest standards of ballistic protection, while also fulfilling the most individual of requirements.
We use state of the art materials that satisfy the highest ballistic requirements for the construction of Special Protection Vehicle of all makes. Bullet-proofing, supreme quality, global service and individual equipment packages tailored to your wishes. This special protection vehicle developed especially for foreign governments is mainly used in crisis areas. The vehicle is able to withstand extremely high loads caused by explosions and mines due to the special armouring technology in the floor pan area. In the passenger compartment the Protection boasts a high-quality leather interior and an exclusive comfort package.
With this high class limousine MSPV Special Protection Vehicle offers luxury concerning the interior features as well as impressive driving comfort. Our Armored version leaves nothing to be desired regarding security and comfort. Added with its civilian appearance this makes the MSPV Special Protection Vehicle to an ideal vehicle for politicians, governments and private individuals.
MSPV Special Protection Vehicle fulfils highest demands concerning security, driving comfort and civilian appearance, what make to get a excellent vehicle for politicians, governments and private individuals. Security without compromise. The optimal amount of security depends on the individual circumstances of the driver and passengers, where they are located, the challenges they face in their daily routine and the public attention they attract. MSPV is the only automobile manufacturer that offers three safety category levels according to your requirements. MSPV Special Security Vehicles are designed to withstand a range of three risk situations – street crime, organized crime and attacks with explosive devices and Armour-piercing weapons. Our options allow drivers and passengers to choose the level of security that best meets their needs.
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