Armoured Desert Jeep Wrangler – Border Security Vehicle

Every country and region has a border that needs protection. Many countries of Military use MSPV Armoured Desert Jeep Wrangler Vehicles to move over rough terrains, withstand shootings and keep large crowds under control. Desert Jeep Wrangler fills a number of military roles, including that of armoured Infantry Mobility Vehicle. MSPV Desert Jeep Wrangler Capable off-road and utility vehicle meant to tackle extreme terrain in a general reconnaissance role, and can be outfitted with a machine gun or other weapons systems. They provide excellent mobility, lethality and survivability for the infantry.

It is fully qualified to STANAG specifications. Its design will benefit from the long heritage of reliable and highly capable platforms that have grown to accommodate increased payloads and increased protection levels without compromising reliability or performance. Over all types of terrain, in all types of weather, they offer the versatility, mobility, and survivability critical to mission success.

MSPV Armoured Desert Jeep Wrangler is used by many security agency, border security force, police and military organization.

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