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MSPV Armoured Infantry Vehicles is aimed at enhancing the Army’s combat capability to operate in a broad range of conflicts. Armoured Infantry Vehicle is a combat vehicle, protected by strong armor and generally armed with weapons, which combines operational mobility, tactical offensive, and defensive capabilities. They provide excellent mobility, lethality and survivability for the infantry.
Its design will benefit from the long heritage of reliable and highly capable platforms that have grown to accommodate increased payloads and increased protection levels without compromising reliability or performance. The vehicle comes as standard with a high level of protection against blast attacks. It is fully qualified to STANAG specifications.

MSPV Armoured Fighting Vehicle is a best balanced solution between protection, performance and payload. The vehicles are complex heavily armoured vehicles with high cross country mobility and a high level of lethality
MSPV Armoured Infantry Vehicle is able to carry considerable payloads over all types of terrain without loss of mobility and provide excellent cross-country performance, delivering a highly versatile platform.

MSPV Armoured Fighting Vehicles & Armoured Personnel Carriers are used to transport Infantry across the battlefield under the protection of armor. From high-intensity combat missions to peacekeeping duties, the Armoured Infantry Vehicle will keep you safe.

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