Armoured Toyota Hilux - MSPV Armoured Vehicles

MSPV Armoured Toyota Hilux is a Vehicle known for its durability and dependability. The compact yet powerful nature of the Toyota Hilux takes it an ideal platform for an armored security vehicle. The Armoured Toyota Hilux is a common vehicle used by businesses and governments worldwide. Many clients love this bulletproof vehicle because it is discrete and dependable. It is often utilized as a Cash-In-Transit vehicle, or as an inconspicuous/low-profile vehicle to transport passengers anywhere they need to go, without inviting any unwanted attention.

• High speed rifle protection
• Various protection levels from handguns to assault rifles.
• 5 Run-flats Wheel
• Upgrade Suspension
• ECU and Battery Protection
• Certified Ballistics Steel & Glass
• Protected fuel tank
• Full length armoring

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