MSPV Armoured GMC Savana – Cash-In-Transit Vehicle, Armoured Passenger Van

When you need to keep a low profile, the MSPV Armoured GMC Savana is adept at blending in with civilian vehicles in urban areas for cash in transit. This inconspicuous armored bank truck . It has the power to transport occupants out of dangerous situations – quickly and discretely.

The GMC Savana is an effective and reliable solution for those traveling in groups in risk-sensitive environments all over the world. This vehicle is guarantees the safety and comfort to all . Armored GMC Savana Passenger Van includes full vehicle armouring with certified steel and design to resist external ballistic treats from any angle and is an ideal low profile vehicle for passenger transport in hostile environments. GMC Savana are available in Work Van or Up fitter trim and provide an excellent base for a multi-purpose utility vehicle that can be equipped to suit your comfort needs, or modified for your workplace requirements.

GMC Savana is design and manufacture of ballistic and attack-protected vehicles for the Cash-in-Transit sector. With armouring available up to the B6 level, the armored vehicle is capable of defeating rifle ammunition as well as explosive threats.

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