Bulletproof Luxury Vehicles & Cars Manufacturing Company in India

MSPV Bulletproof Luxury Vehicles offer many levels of protection from a variety of dangers. We bulletproof Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche and many other company cars.

Our bulletproof luxury vehicles is a place to feel comfortable inside, it’s made to be a pleasant and relaxing experience, and our luxury vehicles are no different. Though the vehicle is heavier from all the armour and security features added, its still a responsive and easy to drive car. It maintains all of it’s on road and off-road driving capabilities and doesn’t feel slow or bulky. Our armored luxury vehicles are offered our customers protection and comfort. MSPV Bulletproof Vehicle including various different cars, buses and trucks.

When modifying a vehicle we use only the latest in armored vehicle technology and use the best materials available on the market.

All the armored SUV bullet proof specifications should have a section as follows:
  • Protection levels range from hand gun to high powered rifles with armour piercing bullets
  • Entire passenger area armored with ballistic plate throughout overlapped in all areas
  • Entire roof area armored throughout using ballistic plate contoured to shape of roof
  • All original glass removed and replaced with multi-layered ballistic glass
  • Fuel tank armored
  • Run flat tires installed in all tires
For more information contact us at +971 4 883 0444 or draft email on sales@mspv.com or visit http://www.mspv.in


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