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MSPV is an armouring company specialized in Manufacturing civilian armored vehicles. MSPV manufactures armored cars, suv, trucks, bulletproof vehicles, up-armored vehicles, cash in transit, armored security vehicles, armored passenger buses/vans, ambulance etc.

MSPV civilian armored vehicles are used by politicians, religious leaders, business executives, diplomats, celebrities, athletes, royal families, governments, corporate executives, law enforcement, police and military organizations. Celebrities, government and political officials, the secret service, the military use armored vehicles to ensure their own safety. These vehicles are made to withstand bullets, bombs and other means of violent attack. They obviously have to be durable with the ability to protect its occupants from different means of attack.

In order to protect against a variety of possible attacks, the design must be creative and with a great deal of consideration given to all possible attack scenarios. Keeping all of these things in mind MSPV manufacturing civilian armored vehicles.

We only use per-certified ballistic grade steel for every armored vehicle manufactured. The per-certified ballistic grade steel is tested by a third party. The vehicle is armored with steel in accordance with the relevant NATO/CEN or NIJ norms (B4, B6, B7, etc).

In higher-risk areas and even regular officials and public servants may be protected with armored vehicles. Diplomatic missions and private military contractors typically use armored cars as standard vehicles. As a side benefit, armored cars give occupants added protection from intrusion during a car accident.

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