Armoured Troop Carrier Manufacturer

MSPV is committed to provide the best protection and mobility to our Armoured Troops Carrier through the most difficult & threatening terrain circumstances they get that with the Panthera 6-x6-krazz. Because it’s engineered specifically for their difficult missions to move them in complete the operation and get them out as safely as possible.  Panthera 6-x6-krazz incorporates rugged, durable, indigenous components and systems for maximum mobility & survivability.

MSPV Created to be a multi-functional and adaptable Panthera. Armoured Troops Carrier has been designed and built, not only to withstand ballistic assault, but also to protect against light mine and grenade blast scenarios. The Panthera 6-x6-krazz from MSPV is the only operational vehicle you will need to get the job done. Aggressive in stance with on demand 4x4 equipped, Panthera 6-x6-krazz is as nimble as a standard-size pickup. The Panthera Armored Personnel Carrier is as capable of returning fire in a convoy escort assault scenario as it is comfortable to drive on patrol in tight urban areas.

YAMZ-238DE2 V8 Turbo Diesel
Optional Cummins 6.7L or 8.8L Turbo Diesel4×4 8-Speed 2-Range Manual
Optional Allison Automatic
2+24 (Other Seating Arrangements Available)
Customer’s Choice
Body Type
Armoured Personnel Carrier
Protection Level
Up to STANAG 4569-3

  • Maximum Speed: 80km/h
  • Maximum Gradient: 60%
  • Turning Radius: 13.5m
  • Angle of Attack/Departure: 50/44 degrees
  • Fording: 1.2m
  • Ground Clearance: 370mm
  • Payload: : 8-12 T at STANAG 4569-1 protection

  • Hydraulic rear access ramp for crew, side access door for the command and control post and emergency exit
  • Modular seating arrangement with choice of bench-seats, flip-up seats or blast-mitigating seats for the crew compartment
  • Dedicated command-and-control area, with option of C4ISR/C4ISTAR equipment integration
  • Options of Roof-mounted manual or remote-control weapon-station, side and rear gun ports, roof hatches and other mission systems
  • Options of situation-awareness equipment integration


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