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MSPV is an Armoured Vehicle Company, manufacturing the finest, customizes most technologically advanced armored vehicles in the world. MSPV prides itself in designing and producing customized armoured vehicles which give optimal protection to the perceived threat level while maintaining the original appearance and performance. MSPV is specializes in the design and production of a wide variety of armoured vehicles, armoured cars, armored SUV’s, armored trucks, Cash Transit Vehicles, Bulletproof Vehicles, Bulletproof cars, Military Vehicles, Military Trucks and Tactical Vehicles.”
MSPV has been delivering quality work with a team having experience for last 15 years which are known for their excellence and it has been productive, effective and efficient in not only providing quality armored vehicles but has also succeed in building great relationship with their valuable clients .
Our Team has been armoring civilian and military vehicles for over 12 years, and today, we are creating some of the finest armoured vehicles, which are far superior in performance and appearance than the competition.
We pride our self in designing and producing customized armored vehicles which give optimal protection to the perceived threat level while maintaining the original appearance and performance of the vehicles. To this end, we utilize a wide range of the most advanced ballistic materials available today.
We have in-house development and engineering to ensure that the customers receive the optimal bullet-resistant solution for their needs. We view our products as a service realizing that “personal safety and security of our customers are of almost important”. To ensure that our engineered solutions are of the highest quality, all our materials are tested at independence laboratories.
We specialize in the manufacture of armoured vehicles for government officials, head of state, business executives, or any other individuals who perceives a threat. We offer a wide variety of armoring options to fit any need. We are committed to continuous research and development assures our clients of the most technologically advanced armored passenger vehicles available.
We’re here to help you with select or design the perfect ‪armoured vehicle for your specific needs. For more information contact us at +971 4 883 0444 or draft email on or visit


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