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Armoured Toyota Fortuner – Popular Armoured SUV

MSPV Armoured Toyota Fortuner is a Popular Armored Vehicle in African & Asian Countries likes South Africa, India, Egypt, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Kenya. Due to its outstanding reliability under the most demanding conditions, the MSPV Armored  Toyota Fortuner is ideal for your personal safety while on or off the road. It offers a very good balance of protection, reliability, comfort and value.
MSPV Armoured Toyota Fortuner has a very spacious and stylish interior offering best in class comfort. The high torque engine is supported by 4X4, giving the Fortuner excellent maneuverability for the tight streets of in city driving. Comfortable seating for 5 passengers as well as added cargo capacity for luggage. The complete passenger compartment has been armoured with a large viewing window at the rear armoured bulkhead.
MSPV are manufactured and designed armored vehicle with the primary aim of offering safety to the passengers from different types of attacks. M…