Personal Protection Vehicles

Personal Protection Vehicles

MSPV vehicles which are significantly increasing your personal Protection. These vehicles are made to withstand bullets, bombs and other means of violent attack.  Celebrities, government and political officials, the secret service, heads of state, religious leaders, business executives, diplomats, athletes, and royal families are use MSPV vehicles to ensure their own safety and Protection .
MSPV offers the world’s most comprehensive range of solutions for safe road travel – meaning everyone can get just what they need to feel safe. MSPV Vehicles feature an intelligent combination of lightweight and robust materials that meet the strictest safety requirements while adding as little weight as possible.
People who bear the greatest responsibilities should be able to rely on certified protection – without having to sacrifice the unique driving experience that only a Personal Protection  Vehicles can offer. MSPV was setting new standards in the design and development of Personal Protection  Vehicles for over 15 years. Every Vehicle is custom-built, and every stage of the process is carried out with a craftsman’s attention to detail. The result is a vehicle that meets the highest standards of ballistic protection, while also fulfilling the most individual of requirements.
The optimal amount of Protection  depends on the individual circumstances of the driver and passengers, where they are located, the challenges they face in their daily routine and the public attention they attract. MSPV is the only manufacturer that offers different category of Protection  levels according to your requirements. MSPV Protection  Vehicles are designed to withstand a range of risk situations – street crime, organized crime and attacks with explosive devices and armour-piercing weapons. Our options allow drivers and passengers to choose the level of Protection  that best meets their needs.
Among the numerous safety features are run-flat tires, a self-sealing fuel tank, an attack alarm and an intercom system, which enables the occupants to communicate with the outside world without leaving the vehicle or opening the doors or windows.
MSPV has over 15 years’ experience of developing and building armoured vehicles – and is constantly innovating to protect you. So you can be absolutely confident that you are getting the best possible protection, and are not making any compromises to get it.
MSPV has been developing vehicles capable of protecting their occupants against almost every type of attack. Due to the special protection which they often require against personal attack, executives, politicians and prominent figures the world over have been placing their trust on MSPV special protection.
The reason for the high standard of Protection  provided by the MSPV is among other things the heavily reinforced armoring made of the latest glass/plastic composites and high-strength special steel. To ensure that the vehicle is able to move safely, quickly and comfortably through traffic, despite the increased weight resulting from the protective measures, both the suspension and brakes.
We design every armoring package to meet your needs. Come visit us to see for yourself. Have the next car you purchase be upgraded with bulletproof Armor protection. MSPV offers high-end, quality bulletproof protection for all types of cars and models. We are proud of the fact that our efforts have been protecting the lives of many, even in the utmost hostile and warlike environments.
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