Armoured Patrol Vehicles in India

Armoured Patrol Vehicles in India


MSPV Armoured Patrol Vehicles can fulfill a variety of roles on the battlefield, such as reconnaissance and surveillance, security, command and control, cargo, and armoured transport of personnel and equipment. Our Armoured Patrol Vehicles provides a very high degree of protection to the crew while remaining highly mobile. It is designed to tackle tough terrain, providing troops with a cross-country capability and greater flexibility in choosing routes.

Our Armoured Patrol Vehicles can be deployed in surveillance, general utility, cargo, reconnaissance and armoured personnel transport, as well as command and control missions. MSPV Armoured Patrol Vehicles can be configured with interchangeable modules for different mission variants, including patrol, ambulance, convoy protection and mortar carrier.

Panthera designed to provide survivability, mobility and versatility across the asymmetric battle field over the full spectrum of operations allowing configuration for patrol, convoy protection, command and control, utility, mortar carrier, ambulance or personnel carrier missions. MSPV Panthera - the next generation of combat-proven vehicles.

The Panthera vehicle can accommodate up to ten personnel depending on the configuration. The entry and exit for the crew is provided through doors and a rear cargo / crew exit door. Panthera can be optionally fitted with a roof mounted turret. The turret can be armed with a wide range of weapon systems as per the customer requirements. It is provided with a dedicated cargo compartment for carrying cargo and the equipment of embarked forces.

MSPV Panthera family of vehicles is intended for use in defense, law enforcement and homeland security missions. For more information, Contact us at  +91 95031 99994 or draft emails on or visit


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