Indian Hi-Tech Armoured Military Vehicles

Indian Hi-Tech Armoured Military Vehicles


Latest and hi-tech MSPV Armored Military Vehicles are to serve for Indian army & Military in their insurgent activities. MSPV armoured military vehicles are provide high mobility to the troops with respect to the latest technology and equipment in the weaponry system. The mechanical components in this are upgraded to take the additional weight to handle off road and to support the fully loaded weight of Armouring, components like suspensions, brakes, specially designed ballistic hinges and run-flat systems.

MSPV Armoured Military Vehicles are meets the requirements of global defence forces for a highly protected, mobile and integrated vehicle able to operate in an environment under threat from Improvised Explosive Devices, mines and ambushes.

MSPV Panthera delivers class-leading protection, mobility and payload with unparalleled levels of blast and ballistic protection. They are highly effective across a diverse range of mission profiles. Roles include troop movement, command control, surveillance and reconnaissance.

MSPV Panthera is a cost-effective, survivable; light protected all-terrain vehicle that seats four, six or eight crew members. Allows for various seating arrangement.  Doors allow for rapid in-out operation, optional roof hatch allows for mounting a variety weapons and equipment, Panthera are built on LandCruisers, Hilux or Land Rover etc. platform.

MSPV Armoured Military Vehicles are ideal platform for various purposes and a wide variety of missions, offering a low-profiled solution suited for existing and future combat conditions depending on the modern armies' survivability, protection and mobility needs.

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