MSPV Armoured Patrol Vehicle in Kenya

MSPV Armoured Patrol Vehicle in Kenya

MSPV Armoured Patrol Vehicles will provide the optimal balance of survivability, mobility and versatility, while delivering outstanding performance in the world’s most challenging environments. Extensively tested to confirm ballistic, blast, mobility and reliability levels, the MSPV Panthera has been engineered to meet Military, Defense, Army, & Security Agencies requirements.
MSPV Armoured Patrol Vehicle are designed, constructed and assembled using the latest technology to provide up to date standards of superior protection and comfort for the crew. The body structure is designed specifically to have optimal angles of armoured plate protection ensuring maximum effectiveness against kinetic and mine blast threats. The interior details are focused on providing the crew with maximum comfort and protection.
Panthera designed to provide survivability, mobility and versatility across the asymmetric battle field over the full spectrum of operations allowing configuration for patrol, convoy protection, command and control, utility, mortar carrier, ambulance or personnel carrier missions. Panthera Elite - the next generation of combat-proven vehicles.
MSPV Panthera is well protected, highly manoeuvrable and versatile. Suitable for multiple roles in today's rapidly changing urban and battlefield environment, the Panthera can provide the backbone of a complete multi-role fleet with common logistic support.
MSPV Panthera offers mobility for personnel and loads whilst offering protection from mine and ballistic threats. These versatile vehicles are used in combat, combat support and combat service support roles across the battlespace.
MSPV Panthera family of vehicles is intended for use in defense, law enforcement and homeland security missions. For more information, contact us at  +254 202 400318 or draft emails on  or visit


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