Why MSPV on first choice of client?

Why MSPV on first choice of client? 

MSPV is an Armored Vehicles Manufacturing Company, providing variety of armored vehicles to the worldwide customers including military and peacekeeping forces, police, border patrols, security companies, NGO's, embassies, and organizations & individuals living and working in hostile or high-risk environment. MSPV have worldwide workshops are located in Dubai, India, Turkey, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Somalia, South Sudan & Egypt. We have manufactured over 8000 armoured vehicles from 70 different models and delivered them to over 40 different countries.

If you feel that you need extra precautions to secure your life as well as the safety of your family or loved ones, trust us – you‘re not alone. MSPV offers armoring solutions for vehicles that provide both luxury and security to very important persons as well as private individuals alike. With little to no discerning differences visible on the exterior of the vehicle, only those who need to know will be aware that it is a bulletproof vehicle

Reasons why MSPV on first choice of client?

  • Armoring without changing outside vehicle appearance
We excel at taking existing vehicles and adding all of our special armoring techniques without affecting the outward appearance of the vehicle. Drive in safety knowing that your car has been protected.
  • 10+ years in the business
We have been armoring vehicles with top quality construction for over 10 years. We bring all that experience of having learned what to do, and what not to do, all to your vehicle build.
  • Long standing customer relationships
We take pride in retaining our customers for repeat business year after year. We think this demonstrates our strong commitment to quality and customer service. We treat each customer as a member of our family. Our owner is always available to discuss things with our customers, showing special attention to each build. The result is, our customers love us and our quality approach to vehicle armoring.
  • We stand behind our product & service with confidence!
We believe in our armoring process and craft vehicles that will keep you safe. Our strong belief is that every vehicle we make is designed and built just as if it was for one of our family members.
  • Ready to build your custom specification vehicle
Tell us exactly the features you want and how you want it constructed. We pride ourselves in meeting your exact needs where it is feasible and does not impact the performance of the vehicle. From customizing existing cars, sedan, suvs to creating luxurious protected vehicles and special vehicles such as Armoured Personnel Carriers, Cash In Transit Vehicles, Armoured Bus & Ambulance, Light Patrol Vehicles etc…..

 MSPV armored vehicles give you a peace of mind at all the given times knowing that your valuable assets, personnel are always safe no matter the situation. We're committed to providing you with a custom design that is the most efficient, cost-effective and safe way to armour your vehicle. Life is valuable, and we're committed to keeping you, your family and your colleagues safe from attacks and other dangers on the roads.

Contact Us:
Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles Pvt.Ltd
Website: http://www.mspv.in/
Tel: +91 2553 225526
Mob: +91 95031 99994, +91 86004 39993
 Email: sales@mspv.in, info@mspv.in
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