Indian Armoured or Bulletproof Vehicles Spare Parts & Accessories Supplier

Indian Armoured or Bulletproof Vehicles Spare Parts & Accessories Supplier

Whether you are in need of bulletproof glass, heavy duty brake system & suspension, run-flat tires or other Armoured Vehicles or Bulletproof Car spare parts & accessories do not look anywhere, MSPV is a Supplier for all your vehicle needs. We fully understand the urgency behind replacement armored vehicle spare parts and promise to deliver your parts in an efficient manner.

When you are planning for full security, why miss out protective Armored Vehicles spare parts & accessoriesArmored Vehicles accessories from MSPV are the best in quality, created carefully from specially chosen materials.  MSPV is well known for its armoring capabilities and high quality. Our products combine superior performance with leading design and engineering standards.

Bulletproof Glass
MSPV Bulletproof Glass is made of highly resistant, optically advanced, and transparent materials which in combination can stop most of the bullets available in the world today. A combination of several layers of glass and avant-garde fleible, transparent materials provide for the best of optics and protection ranging from low-level hand-gun to high power rifle ballistic protection.
Heavy Duty Brake System
MSPV have a broad range of heavy duty brake system and braking components for armored, security, military, and other Special Purpose armored Vehicles. MSPV brake design aspects to increase thermal capacity thereby delivering the best vehicle stability, stopping power and durability needed to eceed the original factory brake system. With careful consideration of the specific levels of armoring and vehicle weight, MSPV will offer the best solution within clients’ budget and criteria.
Heavy Duty Suspension
The extensive weight of armoured vehicles presents unique challenges which affect the safety, stability and performance of the vehicles. To solve these issues, MSPV have different types of suspension which have etra load carrying capacity and deliver superior handling and reliability in adverse driving conditions. MSPV providing suspension systems which are suited to the different levels armouring of civilian & military purpose vehicles.
Run Flat System
One of MSPV offers Run Flat System Systems for all makes and models. This is a crucial option that should be added to any armored car package. You may find yourself under attack and your tires have been blown out or simply you have run over a nail that has punctured your tire, forcing you to be stuck on the side of the road. Regardless of the situation, this is where you will be prepared with the solution. MSPV Run flats can help a vehicle travel an additional 50-80 miles (100+ km) before needing to be replaced. This gives the driver and passenger’s peace of mind and the safety and time needed to get home or to a repair shop. This time is crucial, especially in life threatening situations.
Laser Cut Ballistic Steel Set
We can supply Armor Steel plates from our Dubai stocks and can produce components with laser cutting and offer welding / bending on these components. MSPV Armor steel is available in BR4, BR6, BR7 level. Available in 6.5mm, 9mm and 12.5mm thickness
Heavy Duty Tire & Rim
MSPV providing Heavy Duty Tire & Rim for Armoured or Bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Hilu, Leus L 570, Nissan Patrol, Chevrolet Suburban,  Audi, BMW, Mercedes etc…
Gun Port
MSPV produce our gun ports to order specifically designed for our customer requirements. We produce gun ports with various types of opening mechanism as per our customer safety requirements. Our gun port can be produced to fit into glass or steel, they can also be finished in your required vehicle colour.
MSPV Armoured Vehicles helping to improve the safety of those who is work or lives into volatile situations and dangerous terrains. MSPV is synonymous with safety and life protection;

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