Armoured Cash In Transit Vehicles India

Armoured Cash In Transit Vehicles India

MSPV Armoured Cash In Transit Vehicles are known for their excellent maneuverability, payload capacity and safety levels, which make them an ideal choice for financial institutions and government agencies in hazardous areas.

MSPV Armour Cash in Transit team are specializing in armoring of vehicles of high security to facilitate the transportation of valuables. We manufacture vehicles for transportation of valuables in high-risk areas, where protection outweighs anything else.

MSPV is a company focused on offering the Cash In Transit Vehicles with unique capabilities, dependable build quality and unparalleled performance characteristics. Being entrusted the duty of protecting lives and valuable cargo, MSPV strives to constantly push the boundaries in order to offer truly exceptional products and services.

MSPV can also provide custom armored cash carrying vehicles based on client requirements. Low-profile solutions and even large, customized commercial armored vehicle options are available upon request.

Whether you are transporting valuables alone or need to transport personnel as well, our professional finishing and spacious interiors make The MSPV Cash In Transit Vehicles an obvious choice.
Our Armoured Cash In Transit Vehicles are characterized by their optimal balance of ballistic protection and high load capacity. Ballistic armor is installed around the vehicle’s perimeter along with its ceiling and floor ensuring 360-degree protection for personnel and transported valuables. All critical elements such as suspension, brakes, door hinges are reinforced in order to carry the added weight of ballistic materials without sacrificing the vehicle’s high level of maneuverability. According to the CEN 1063 Standard this vehicle is armored to meet a BR6+ ballistic protection level.

Ensure optimum security for the transport of your valuables with high-tech armoured cash in transit vehicles from MSPV. For more information, Contact us at  +91 95031 99994 or draft emails on or visit