Armoured or Bulletproof Pickup Trucks in India

Armoured or Bulletproof Pickup Trucks in India

MSPV is a leading international supplier of Armored or Bulletproof Pickup Truck. MSPV designed Armoured Pickup Trucks for law enforcement, Military Clients, Security Companies and Transport Agencies worldwide. MSPV Bulletproof Pickup Trucks are popular all over the world for a huge variety of uses and often used in dangerous parts of the world.

We fully armored vehicle with increased road clearance, reinforced suspension and heavy duty chassis provide long operation life despite the increased weight. MSPV heavy-duty pickup truck chassis can withstand the harshest road and weather conditions, as well as impacts from bullets and blasts. 

MSPV armored pickup offers the same level of mobility, durability, and reliability, with the added benefit of armouring. The modular design is ideal for private security companies and military purchasers who are looking for high level protection in a package. We armoring according to the requirements of the European CEN 1522/23 and CEN 1063 standards.

Armoured or Bulletproof Ford F150

MSPV expert engineers can armored Ford F150 with your choice of ballistic protection features. Our basic package includes bullet-resistant glass, certified ballistic armoring, blast-protected floors, and much more.

Armoured or Bulletproof Toyota Hilux

MSPV Armored Toyota Hilux is a versatile, multi-task armored Pickup Truck. MSPV Toyota Hilux is used by military and private security companies for high level of security in Middle East, Africa and Asia region.  Our Armoured  Hilux includes upgraded suspension, brakes, run flats, ballistic glass which provides maximum protection to the passengers.

Armoured or Bulletproof Toyota Tundra

MSPV Armoured Toyota Tundra is spacious and its armoring level is high to ensure passengers are protected from bomb blast & heavy machine gun fire. Our bulletproof version offers the same level of mobility, durability, and reliability, with the added benefit of bullet-proofing. Comfort and security are the best features of this vehicle.  Toyota Tundra provides an exceptionally strong and reliable platform for an Armored Vehicle.

Armoured or Bulletproof TLC 79

MSPV Armored or Bulletproof TLC 79 Pickup Truck is rugged, versatile, lightweight and extremely reliable. MSPV Toyota Land Cruiser 79 are most appropriate for civilian and military clients looking for a low profile, relatively smaller and well armored vehicle to be used in a hostile environment.

MSPV Armoured TLC 79 is ideal for transport of high value items in extreme risk zones around the globe.  The heavy duty suspension, brakes and wheels and tires allow this to traverse over any terrain with ease.

MSPV armored pickup provide finest bullet-resistant protection and innovative armoring solutions. No matter what type of protection you have in mind, from B4 to B6+, our creative engineers can come up with a solution. We can armour the chassis of your choice to withstand hostile conditions during valuable goods transport.

MSPV Bulletproof pickup can be highly helpful people in African, Asian & Middle-East Countries to tackle unfriendly roads due to their reliability and durability. For more information, Contact us at  +91 95031 99994 or draft emails on or visit